Wearing matching pyjamas with my sister, Sarah. She and her husband Nady are in Melbourne for the imminent arrival of their baby, my first niece or nephew. An exciting time! It’s been so nice to hang out without a time limit (for now). Sarah and I were inspired by the SNL skit ‘Backhome Baller‘, a comedic song that describes the nuances of visiting your parents with painfully hilarious accuracy, when we bought our $9.50 flannelette pyjamas from Kmart. V comfy.

Reading Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman. I am not completely fine with how fantastic it is! Can barely put it down. Make sure you read it before Reese Witherspoon’s production company turns it into a not-quite-as-good movie.

Planning a wedding. The most frustrating part of which is the lack of vendor pricing information available online. It’s a huge waste of my time and the florist/videographer/white dove wrangler’s time to send emails back and forth only to find their prices wildly outside my budget. At least give a price range!

Watching a combination of 30 Rock, The Handmaid’s Tale and Fleabag. Some comedy to balance the soul crushing experience that is an hour inside Gilead.

Eating stuffed sweet potatoes. They’re perfect for winter. My favourite topping is a Mexican bean medley with adobo chillies, guac, feta and hummus. I’ve also been eating a lot of dumplings, I wish I could blame this on the weather but they really are a year-round staple.

Wishing we had booked a winter getaway somewhere warm. With babies and weddings and other things a holiday has fallen off the agenda for the first time in a very long time. I miss having something to look forward to. Major first world problem.

Wondering how people are finding Instagram now that you can’t see how many likes have landed on a photo? Better? Worse? The same? I quite like it, I never realised how I let the number of likes guide how I felt about a photo until now! Sounds so lame but I suppose I’d see 100+ likes, double tap and keep scrolling. Whereas now I seem to take more time looking at what’s in front of me.

Buying lots of secondhand vases on Facebook Marketplace to try and create this kind of vibe. Boy do you have to be quick to nab them before they are snapped up! And then you have to drive to the far outer suburbs to pick them up. How come no one that sells anything online lives within a 10km radius of me?!

Enjoying seeing more kids in the city over the school holidays. The holidays are over now but for two weeks there were noticeably more backpack-adorned children wondering around, marvelling at things I’d long stopped noticing about my immediate surrounds. Like the little boy who stopped to sniff every bunch of flowers in the stand outside my office and the kids huddled together watching the construction of a new train station. A good reminder to stop rushing and look up from my phone occasionally.

Please send book recommendations and have a great week x

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3 Responses to Lately

  1. Birdlover says:

    I know it was likely just a turn of phrase for a catchy sentence, but please don’t do a dove release. It is really cruel and most will likely die.

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