My latest Instagram obsession

Instagram is a strange beast. As least three times in as many recent weeks I’ve heard someone tell me how they’ve done a huge cull of who they follow on the app, whittling down to only the accounts that make them feel happy or inspired. These friends unfollowed accounts that made them feel inadequate and lacking in their own lives, their jobs, travels, bodies, homes and style. It seems like a no-brainer doesn’t it?! Why did all these smart women unwittingly follow people whose shiny, filtered lives made them feel shit by comparison?! But it’s really common.

I occasionally follow a ‘fit-spiration’ Insta account, but usually get bored and unfollow them pretty quickly. I can only pretend to be interested in so many organic smoothie recipes and yoga poses. I unfollowed super popular Instagrammer Steph Claire Smith because I worried her incessantly frequent bum pics would have people thinking I was consuming soft p*rn on the train to work. But 1.3 million other people disagree with me!
So who is worth following?! Here is my latest Instagram obsession:

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Dreaming of spring… #myprovenceeverydayobjects

A post shared by Jamie Beck ( on

Can you believe that’s^ a photo?!

Jamie Beck is an artist whose incredible photos look like renaissance paintings. She’s currently in Provence for a year and posts videos of the painstaking creation of still life scenes like the one above. I’m not a huge art buff but the way she bends and shapes her subjects is so fascinating and satisfying. A splay of a tulip here, the crunch of an onion skin there, it’s so meticulous and usually set to an amazing sound track. Never would have thought I’d be into something like this! She also posts beautiful scenes from Paris.

Who do you recommend following? Please let me know your recommendations! Have you given up on posts and pretty much just watch stories now?! I have!

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4 Responses to My latest Instagram obsession

  1. I definitely spend more time on stories especially since just scrolling you end up on a post from a week ago and not someone’s you actually would want to see. I do the same thing with the fit-spiration accounts too. I think they will motivate me but I also love food so it’s not going to happen.

    • Bec says:

      Yes that’s it! I think following a certain fitspo account will finally be the one that motivates me but is just never is haha.

  2. Alice says:

    Hey Davina is really good! Beautiful Paris shits. You’re welcome to follow @ajcap82 also 😀

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