Women in the Know

Expert women weaving in Peru

I am fortunate to be surrounded by incredible women. Women who are smart, creative, strong, resilient and know how to get shit done.

They know about everything from travel, craft, makeup and paperwork to being sustainable, cooking, crunching numbers, keeping fit and healthy.

I love learning from them and I feel like we don’t do enough knowledge sharing anymore. Skills that were once passed down from mother to daughter, aunt to niece, classmate to classmate, woman to woman. So much is lost when we don’t ask and don’t share.

I want to learn from the women in my life and share their knowledge, so I’ve started a new series called Women in the Know. I’ve asked some of my close family and friends to contribute, but I’m definitely branching out and asking YOU what you’re an expert on. If you want to write about what you know (where to get the best dumplings, how not to get ripped off at the mechanic, how to train for a marathon) whatever it may be, do drop me a line! My first post is coming up next, keep a look out.

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3 Responses to Women in the Know

  1. Jess Carey says:

    Such an awesome idea Bec, and yay for more women supporting each other! Can’t wait to see the first post! And if you need anyone to chip in on travel help, holla at me!

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