A month of Mondays…

Isn’t that how January feels?!

The post-weekend slump constantly hovering overhead, while you never quite know what day it is and your hand continues to magically write last year’s date on its own.

Societal norms dictate we thrust into the new year with renewed vigour and energy, ready to tackle unpleasant tasks like losing weight and credit card debt, but the second we try to do anything productive we’re met with brick walls. The gym closed early because it’s still on a holiday timetable, your accountant is on a beach somewhere and any work email is met with a raging torrent of out-of-office replies.

Last week upon discovering the slow cooker containing dinner had been turned off by the cleaners, Andy and I drove to one of my favourite southern BBQ restaurants to find it closed. A quick Google search revealed our five backup restaurants were closed. Five! Damn January.

Trying to find a new home during this period has been laughable. I’ve never left so many pointless voice messages in my life, but somehow we managed to sign a new lease on a two bedroom apartment! A big win. More on this later.

Do you have any New Years resolutions? Mine is to have my knees strong and ready for a ski trip to New Zealand in August! Spin classes here I come. I also have plans for some excellent (I hope) new content on this blog, so stay tuned for a fun new series. Also I’m always open to suggestions so let me know what you’d love/hate to see.

If you’re just getting back to work or like me, have worked all through the Christmas-NYE period, I hope January goes as quickly and painlessly as possible!


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3 Responses to A month of Mondays…

  1. Angela says:

    A month of Mondays is exactly what it feels like, January is a toughie! X

  2. Brendan O says:

    Isn’t that how January feels?!

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