Heading home soon


The moment my mother has been waiting for since this trip started almost 15 months ago has finally arrived: we have booked flights home.

We put it off for a long time, toying with ideas to extend travelling for as long as possible, before finally biting the bullet and setting the date: September 6. The feeling is bittersweet.

For the most part, we are both ready to go home. It will be great to see family, unpack and not have to share dorm rooms with 10 other adults. I’m looking forward to a new phase and have missed the satisfaction of a hard day’s work for a while now.

But it’s also scary. Because technically, we don’t have a home. Once again we are heading into the unknown; not knowing where we will live, work and exist for the foreseeable future. While this is also exciting, part of me wishes I could fast forward ahead to see how it all pans out. Another part of me is imploring myself to continue living in the moment, for it’s not over yet! We’ve just arrived in a brand spanking new country; Albania, and will be heading to Italy for a quick visit before London and then home.

People have been asking us when we’re headed home since we first set off and we finally have an answer. Now lets see what we can pack into these final few weeks.

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21 Responses to Heading home soon

  1. Emma says:

    I have a suggestion on where you guys can move to. Kalgoorlie. Come back to us! 😉

  2. Lols C-H says:

    I’M SO EXCITED xxxx

  3. Patrick C says:

    The kettle is on, the white wine chilling along with the beer in the fridge and the red is just stirring. Dinner awaits you and Andrew on your return. Once you caught up with your families.

    Travel safely

  4. The kettle is on, the white wine and beer are chilling in the fridge, the red is settling in the cellar and the stove and oven await. I cant wait to have you and Andrew over for dinner once you have caught up with your families.

    Travel Safely

  5. Hmm something is up with word-press today, my first comment didn’t appear so I left a second. Take care travelers.


  6. Have loved following along with your journey but always nice to come home isn’t it! Enjoy your last few weeks xx

    • Bec says:

      Thank you so much Gabrielle, have loved having you along for the ride! You’re on a pretty epic journey of your own right now! Best wishes x

  7. KT Marie says:

    Ah that mush be such a bitter-sweet feeling, total empathy with all the emotions that go with this. I’ve been putting it off for a long time now, despite my friends and family back home questioning my every move. But you’re just not ready until you’re ready. I’ll look forward to seeing what amazing adventures and photos you can squeeze into your last few weeks. Have a great time!

    • Bec says:

      Thank you! Currently having an excellent time in Albania so I can’t complain. Also I’ve resolved to just feel grateful it’s happened (and for the privilege that allowed it to happen) rather than sad it’s over.

  8. calypsodesigns says:

    Oh, bittersweet indeed! You will land on your feet my dear. I’ve loved your travel updates, and wherever you settle next will be lucky to have you! 🙂 ps: we may petition to bring you back to Kal 😉

  9. What a fabulous adventure you’ve had. I’ve loved following along on your journey. The next chapter will be great too. The unknown is always a bit unnerving, but you more than anyone should be well versed at navigating the unknown. Happy travels these next few weeks!

  10. Sometimes going back to a routine is nice too. Enjoy the next few weeks!

    • Bec says:

      Oh absolutely, I am looking forward to routine especially when it comes to food, exercise and sleep. As lame as that probably sounds! I also miss working.

  11. Skye says:

    Sad this is all coming to an end but looking forward to hearing about the next ‘chapter’ – ie where you settle and how it all pans out work-wise etc. Also – have you thought of writing a book about your travels? I would totally buy it!

    • Bec says:

      Thanks Skye! I haven’t really considered it… I’m not sure what the topic or focus would be?! But glad to know I’ll sell at least one copy! I’ll have a good think about it.

  12. I can understand your feeling. When I think of “home” it is always a strange feeling. Going back seems not possible and keeping travelling seems neither. .
    But probably we can meet up and you can give us some ideas, what to do in your lovely country 😀 (Don`t know if you can remember, but we met you and Andrew in Mexico during Eastern, I think in Valladolid in this really nice Hostal)

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