A beautiful Spring day in Washington DC

Ok so it probably seems like I’m making a huge jump from my last post about Cuba to this one about Washington DC. But in reality there was probably only a week between these two destinations. We sure did cover some ground!

After Cuba we flew back to Cancun, Mexico, and then the next day we flew to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We spent the night there and the next morning collected our beloved Goldie (the borrowed 2001 Toyota Camry which we drove all over the USA and Canada with last year) and drove north to Jacksonville. There we stayed with our good friends Meagan and LA, whom we met whilst hiking in Washington State last year. Keeping up?!

After four glorious days of relaxing, eating, laughing, drinking wine, enjoying hot showers and being able to flush toilet paper, we left Jacksonville and began an epic drive all the way up the east coast to Washington DC.

Screen shot 2016-05-09 at 4.55.57 PM

Google maps just taunting me with that note saying how long it takes to fly!

We took two days driving straight up the I-95, stopping overnight somewhere in Virginia to sleep. In a motel somewhere but I literally have no idea where! The next day we drove to Washington DC and spent a sunny day exploring.

DC is one of my favourite cities in the US. My friend Kate and I were there for Independence Day weekend back in 2010, I remember it was sweltering hot and we spent most of our time partying. Back then you could get right up to the black fence behind the White House. Not now!


Is this the back or front? I say back. I’m probably wrong.

There was a small barricade and Secret Service men and women everywhere. Not very secretive!


Turns out my grey sweater is super unflattering… Awkward

The photo below is a testament to the power of the zoom on Andrew’s new little Nikon point-and-shoot. We were ages away!


Some kind of function happening on the lawn

As we walked away from the White House towards the Washington Monument we saw a House of Cards bus drive past! Tres appropriate.


Is this a sign?! Is Claire the next president?! No spoilers please, I’m a little behind.


National World War II Memorial


Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, always reminds me of Forrest Gump!


Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial is hands down my favourite memorial or monument in DC. It’s so beautifully done.


I love how it has two of his most famous speeches (the Gettysburg Address and his Second Inaugural Address) on the walls.

We wandered around and took pretty much the same photos I took last time:


Back in 2010




Back in 2010




Looking a tad worse for wear back in 2010! Also those highlights…


Sitting in front of the exact same pillar in 2016

Side note: I finally replaced the bag that was stolen when I was mugged:


The colour matched DC quite well:



Love all the pink!


Don’t know why we got a pretzel the salt is gross

We walked all the way to the Capitol and it was covered in scaffolding. Classic.


All the Spring flowers were so beautiful.


Another shopping related side note:

There is a Nordstrom outlet in the middle of the city and the shoes section is to die for! I got these beautiful flats for $50.


Oh and the pansies are cute

We finished the day with delicious sushi before driving towards NYC. Until next time Washington DC xx

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1 Response to A beautiful Spring day in Washington DC

  1. Washington looks beautiful – those gorgeous trees (and shoes) are too die for!! I have to agree … pretzels always look so much better than they taste!

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