Sculptures by the Sea in Cottesloe

If you hate crowds, but love art, I don’t recommend heading to Cottesloe on a sunny Sunday morning to check out Sculptures by the Sea.

Andrew and I spent the weekend in Perth ahead of a (successful!) trip to the US Consulate on Monday morning. We were sorting visas and the like for our upcoming period of extended travel. Thank you, by the way, to everyone who sent lovely messages on social media and comments here regarding my last post. We are very excited!

Anyway, we arrived in Perth on Saturday evening and went to Ace Pizza with some excellent people to sample the deep fried macaroni and pizzas. A good time was had by all.

On Sunday morning I met former Kalgoorlie resident Jordan for breakfast at Kettle Cafe in Lathlain (amazing! I do recommend). And then we went on to Cottesloe to get some culture in our faces.

The sculptures were outstanding.


Loved these flamingoes

These green metal windmill things made a delightful rain sound when you walked in between them.


There was one thing though, and it’s my own fault for living in the country for so long and forgetting what city life is like:


All the punters! I also think the deserted Esperance beaches may have spoilt me for life. I’m just not used to sharing the sand anymore.

I’m usually very proficient at avoiding photographing the hoards at touristy spots, but here it was impossible:


That said, it was a really cool exhibition and I do recommend you check it out. Jordan and I both enjoyed it. Maybe the crowds will die down a bit.





Silver must be a thing this season for modern art?



Kids were bouncing all over these fit balls, it looked really fun

Later in the afternoon, Andrew, his friend Osty and I went to the chilli festival in Fremantle. It was nothing like I imagined, which was the Chili Cook Off from The Simpsons. There was no chilli con carne to be seen.

But there were brisket sliders:


And delicious beer:


I had lemon & lime lager

Still I’m not sure it was worth the $20 entry fee? Not to worry, on to the Sail & Anchor to drink beers with a view:


I had never really spent time in Fremantle before, and I enjoyed it immensely.

The next morning we did our Consulate stuff and then went to the Mary Street Bakery for breakfast. I’ve seen the cafe all over instagram for months and couldn’t wait to get there.

I had smoked salmon on toast fingers with a poached egg and delicious toppings. Andrew had fried chicken on a pancake. Seriously.


Lets go in for a closer look:


Fried chicken. On. A pancake.

It was all kinds of right.

Then we jumped in the car and drove to Kalgoorlie. A great weekend and a step towards convincing people that I don’t in fact, hate Perth. Not at all!

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