Good morning Friday


How has your week been? Mine has been OK, I’ve been plagued with a sore neck and headaches all week which has spelled disaster for anything productive I wanted to achieve after work. Instead I’ve been retreating to the darkness of my room as soon as I get home. Via the fridge of course. I definitely didn’t look as chic as Marilyn does, stuffing my face with corn thins.

This time tomorrow morning I will be nervously broadcasting Saturday breakfast radio for my very first time. Hopefully without too many “uuummmms” and “aaaahhhs” as I try desperately to remember which button to press and how long I have before I have to throw to the news. Even typing this has raised my heart rate a little! Wish me luck.

What are you up to this weekend? Perhaps you’d like to go work out with Marilyn Monroe?

But maybe don’t lose too much weight, otherwise people might start reacting like this when they see you.

If dessert is more your thing check out these cookies and cream baked chocolate donuts. Insane. But not as insane as these cakes, would you eat them?

But to help start the day right, check out what these kids around the world eat for breakfast. (I’ll take one of the Istanbul breakfasts please)

This video made me cry yesterday.

Have you heard Twin Peaks is coming back in 2016? I studied the series at uni but I never knew the show had so many fabulous sweaters, here’s a ranking of all 118 of them.

Have a great weekend!

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9 Responses to Good morning Friday

  1. Dad says:

    Hi Bec sorry to hear that you have had a difficult week. Good luck tomorrow morning from a very proud Dad.

  2. Jess Carey says:

    Ohh good luck tomorrow, if your writing is anything to go by I’m sure you’ll be amazing! In the mean time, maybe try a workout in terry cloth bikini a la Marilyn?! haha incredible… I’ll be drooling over the donuts!

  3. Patrick Caruana says:

    Good luck with the broadcast, what time (your part of WA and which ABC station) Given that you are three hours behind me I will try and have a listen through the web.

    Go and see a Chiropractor about your neck and headaches. If possible one who practices using the Gonstead technique as its an adjustment on the vertical and wont twist your neck. If you cant I find that having the hottest shower that you can with the water directly on your neck for as long as you can stand it to loosen all the muscles and then get one of the wheat hot packs and wrap it around your neck.

    If all else fails there is a bloke called Johnny Walker and he can help.


    • Bec says:

      Jeez Johnny Walker is a good guy right?!

      • Patrick Caruana says:

        Yep lots of different styles starts with red and his black is good blue better and when he’s wrapped in green the best of all.

        Cheers, I’m off to chat with him right now with a drop of ice.

  4. Ahhhhhh so exciting! You will do fine, having a few nerves is good for your energy. You’ll nail it. Just have fun with.

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