Not headed to Karijini

The plan for over a month has been to fly to Karijini National Park today and enjoy the wonder and beauty of gorges in the Pilbara. However since a bushfire is burning out of control in Karijini, we ignored advice to simply take extra marshmallows and cancelled our flights up north. Which is disappointing, but we managed to get flights to Exmouth instead! So this afternoon we will be enjoying the sights of Coral Bay and Ningaloo Reef and at some point, we will swim with whale sharks, a prospect as terrifying as it is thrilling.

So after work yesterday we flew to Perth.

And I played a hilarious game of peekaboo with a small child sitting in front of me all the way.
We checked into an airbnb place near the airport, ordered pizza, watched tv and fell asleep.
This morning we found a breakfast place on Urban Spoon, walked over (using Google maps, apps for the win) and were delighted to find it was actually decent.


Off to Perth airport now, can’t wait to get there. I’ve borrowed a GoPro (thanks Dave!) so underwater selfies are likely. Apologies in advance.

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2 Responses to Not headed to Karijini

  1. Lauren Chapman-Holle says:

    Where was breakfast?! Looks yummy!

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