7 things I loved from around the internet this week


This list of 32 hilariously accurate graphs and infographics (like the one above).

This video of Brazilian teenagers improving their English by Skyping with seniors in a Chicago retirement village (I may have wept a little).

This interview with Michelle Knight about her abduction and 11 year ordeal living as a prisoner in Ariel Castro’s house in Cleveland, Ohio (very moving).

This video of tiny hamsters eating tiny burritos (squeeeee!).

This photo of what everyone is wearing in NYC (I own all these items! Except that ugly bag. I am SO cool).

This recipe for lemon slice that looks not only delicious but kind of like my childhood.

This list of 40 reasons why local news is the best news. (I actually LOLed).

Got any to share with me? Please add a link in the comments!


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3 Responses to 7 things I loved from around the internet this week

  1. He he I love the first list!
    I made lemon slice last night! Mine was. Bit different to Phoodie’s though it was a flour/butter/sugar base topped with a lemon curd-type topping. It was so good and so easy!! Yummmm

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