My favourite most boring dinner


When I’m not eating Oreo cheesecake, Ottolenghi’s chocolate fudge cake and cupcakes in ice cream cones, I have a tendency to eat in a fairly boring manner. Except for a week recently when I ate eye fillet, lamb AND pork, I’m the kind of person who can eat the same thing over and over again without tiring of it. For example I have a banana and coffee for breakfast every day and for about 2 months I’ve alternated between two kinds of packet soup for lunch. (the truth! the horrible truth). If I’m really branching out I might have yoghurt for breakfast as well. Outrageous.

My favourite go-to dinner is baked chicken breast and sweet potato sprinkled with Cajun spice and salad. It’s just so easy and comforting and feels like being hugged from the inside. I add a huge dollop of minced chilli and an even bigger dollop of Greek yoghurt and dip my sweet potato chips in it. Just typing this is making me salivate. I will have this at least once a week, but this week I’ve already had it twice… And it’s only Wednesday.

How do you decide what to have for dinner? Do you cook different things all the time or go back to the same recipes? I love hearing about what other people eat… It ‘feeds’ the voyeur in me. Also I would appreciate some dinspiration (dinner inspiration), so ‘fess up.

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2 Responses to My favourite most boring dinner

  1. mils says:

    Just to let you know I will definitely be trying your favourite “boring” dinner. Looks yummy. I can relate to you regarding the food fascination. If I got to someone house I’ll totally check out what’s in their fridge and if anyone goes out for dinner I grill them on each course they devoured. Living vicariously! I guess for me having 3 kids, my go-to meal is wraps. I get chicken fillet and coat it with panko crumbs and then put the chicken and tortillas out along with salad options and mayo / sour cream / sweet chill and they make their own. If I had to choose something for myself I’d have a nice piece of salmon panfried with greens on the side, but I’m a bit povo to have it too often 🙂

    • Bec says:

      Yum! That wrap sounds great, although I have to admit I had to google ‘panko’ haha. I actually have some salmon in the fridge that someone brought for our Good Friday feast that we didn’t get around to cooking, so I might whip that up for dinner tonight. Thanks for the idea!

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