3 must try Easter baking recipes

1. Chocolate hot cross bun bread and butter pudding
bread and butter pudding

I made this two Easters ago for a dinner party and it was very well received. I shall be making it again this year. It’s all gooey and chocolatey and amazing. (recipe and image from taste.com.au)

2. Lemon and passion fruit cheesecake Easter eggs


I meant to make these last year and failed miserably/got lazy. I imagine they are deliciously tangy and being so simple I have no excuse not to whip up a batch this year. (recipe and image from thelondoner.me)

3. Cadbury creme egg brownies

Creme Egg Brownies 2

There is no shortage of Cadbury creme egg recipes floating around the interwebs; creme egg cheesecake, pudding, cupcakes, cakes, slices etc. I think the brownies are the way to go this year. (image and recipe from sittingprettyatmydesk.com)

Need more? 17 Scrumptious creme egg recipes

What are you doing for Easter? I’m doing NOTHING (except for eating). And I’m very excited about it.

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8 Responses to 3 must try Easter baking recipes

  1. Embraham says:

    Sweet baby Jesus. I’m coming to live with you over Easter.

  2. India S says:

    Don’t forget cupcakes with creme eggs hidden in the middle!! http://www.myuniyears.com/2013/03/creme-egg-cupcakes-and-brownies.html XX

  3. Sinead says:

    Love these ideas! Chocolate hot cross bun bread and butter pudding sounds amazing 🙂

  4. Lecky says:

    I’m going to give the hot cross bun recipe a whirl, looks delish!

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