Fun at the fair

Earnest 001

On Saturday afternoon Bec and I took ourselves off to enjoy the family fun on offer at the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Community Fair.

Earnest 004

After struggling to understand the complex height requirement for The Sizzler (and why Betty Boop was involved), we decided to play some sideshow games. We had seen a small child with a plush banana toy, complete with seedy grin and sunglasses, so we went off in pursuit of a couple to call our own.

Earnest 019

We found a darts game with the coveted banana toy prizes so I tried my hand at hitting the balloons with a bunch of darts. Behind each balloon was a number, to get the banana I had to get something like 30 points.

Earnest 011

My low scoring performance was not at all helped by questionable advice from the carnies, or by my serious game face:

Earnest 012

In the end all I won was a stupid lei. At least the carnies let me have my photo taken with one of the bananas.

Earnest 020

After that Bec spotted another game with the bananas. Throwing aside all regard for occupational or public health and safety, this game involved throwing a hard ball at a bunch of glass beer bottles. After bartering the glass game carnie down to $6 for three balls each Bec started us off.

Earnest 021

Throw that ball Bec.

Earnest 022

Again it was much harder than it looked.

Earnest 024

Thankfully the carnie took pity on us, giving us extra turns and eventually feeling so bad for our dismal throwing skills that he gave us a banana each anyway!

Earnest 028

SUCCESS! Bec celebrated with some shooting, which she was alarmingly skilled at…

Earnest 031

After all the excitement of the sideshow games we went off to look at some more traditional show displays, like the prize winning preserves:

Earnest 034

And poultry:

Earnest 040

We then picked a ride to go on. At $10 a ticket we wanted to make sure we got a good one. We decided the SuperBowl ride was the perfect measure of both scary fun and structural integrity.

Earnest 044

Plus you get to sit in a giant American football helmet!

Earnest 049

Earnest 053

Bec and I cackled like witches for most of the ride, it was hilariously fun spinning around and being thrown about. Then she went a bit quiet towards the end and I was worried breakfast might be repeated…

Earnest 054

But Bec was fine, so we celebrated with a couple of deep fried hot dogs on sticks, get a load of how excited I am:

Earnest 056


They were disgustingly delicious. I wish I had one right now.

Earnest 062

After that we picked up our Bertie Beetle showbags, an Aussie classic. Bec told me we had to get them right at the very end so we didn’t end up carrying them around all afternoon. This brought back scarring memories of missing out on the Groovy Inflatables show bag at the Royal Melbourne Show circa 1999 by following the same logic.

Luckily that didn’t happen again.

Earnest 063

Relieved I said hello to a couple of alpacas on the way out.

Earnest 066

Earnest 067

A very fun afternoon that brought back lots of childhood memories, not all of which were traumatic and involved missing out on the best show bag .

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6 Responses to Fun at the fair

  1. Bec says:

    Hahaha groovy inflatables … That was the 90s at its peak!

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  3. Laurianne Vivienne says:

    Do either one of you still have that coveted plush banana and would you be willing to sell it if you did? I have a really good reason for asking. Please email me at the address I’ve left, thank you.

  4. Sean McRae says:

    Looks like fun. Do you by chance still have your plush banana? My son loves his and takes it everywhere. I am looking for a replacement in case (god forbid) he looses it. Yours is the exact same one as my sons and I am wondering if I could buy it from you?

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