Nautical Nonsense Party – the details

In aid of my housemates Bec and Elly’s birthdays, we hosted a Nautical Nonsense themed party at the weekend. Armed with a bevy of ideas (thanks to this Pinterest board) we went about converting our 3 bedroom townhouse into some kind of sea shack, well the downstairs anyway.

Not all ideas went to plan (hello tissue paper pom poms!) but the most successful was this net of balloons:


We simply BluTac-ed a net (from Bunnings, the kind you use on fruit trees) to the roof and filled it with balloons. Of course sometime during the evening some clever soul detached part of it so the balloons rained down giving the party a New Years Eve/Prom Night feel. It was bound to happen. But it looked very effective up until that point.

Bec’s Mum Jo whipped up this amazing back-drop for our photo booth:


We bought novelty sunglasses, hats and leis from a junk store and whipped up some moustaches and signs.

I made some simple vanilla cupcakes, which were meant to end up looking like boats. But my piping bag split, the icing looked more green than blue and I couldn’t find any decent paper to make the sails. Kind of an epic fail:


How cute is the miniature bunting Jo bought though?! And in the background you can see the lolly station Elly’s sister Annie organised. Delicious.

Here are the crappy pom poms I mentioned:


They totally look like jelly fish right?! That’s the chalk board wall in our dining room, we didn’t draw on the walls just for the occasion.

And last but not least:


Fish tank punch. Another of Jo’s genius ideas. The fish tank was brand new, Bec whipped up a delicious blue concoction and the croc just dove in.

People made such a fantastic effort with costumes, photos to come!

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