Broady Burgers



Plus this:


Equals perfection.

After lazing around on Sunday watching Summer Heights High and willing ourselves to feel better we dragged our sorry asses to the Broad Arrow Tavern for some sustenance. Broad Arrow is a whopping 38km north of Kalgoorlie. Considering I barely surpass 5km in my car on an average day 38km feels like a lot.

Every wall and surface in the pub is covered in the scrawl of visitors past. At first it seems quirky but when you see the bathrooms covered in signatures, dirty poems and ‘Sharon woz here’ it just feels filthy. Nevertheless the place has character and we always go when visitors come to town (that is, my friends’ visitors from Perth. No one ever visits me, except for my Dad and step mum once a year and a half ago. Really feeling the love over here guys!).

This time we took Bec’s lovely Mum, who was up for the big birthday. The chips at Broad Arrow are boss.


After lunch returned some colour to our cheeks we got on with what we do best. Posing for photos:



In this ^ photo it looks like I’ve forgotten to wear trousers. My dress must have shrunk in the wash. Awkward. No wonder one of the bikies whistled at me on the way in.




Happy birthday Bec x

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6 Responses to Broady Burgers

  1. Josephine Joy says:

    mmmm chips and gravy

  2. lotdeux says:

    YARRRRRRM i just ate 3 apples, but what i really want is burgers, and chips, lots of them! you look gorge, i didnt even notice your dress length – ive seen worse if that makes you feel better hahaha 😛

  3. Im glad I found your blog!

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