Eating my way around Melbourne – part 4


We needed nourishment and revitalisation by Friday. Hello Pho. (and greetings to the painkillers you can see in the photo below)

At one stage I used to eat at Pho Chu The on Victoria Street once or twice a week. It’s the best. They opened up I Love Pho just before I moved to Kal. Every time I go home I attempt to get my Pho fix and never quite make it. But I did this time! And to my delight the owner remembered me and gave me a big hug. Love.


I like sliced beef Pho. No fancy brisket or beef balls for me thanks. With a side of spring rolls. I am salivating.

After Pho I hit the road to get down to Inverloch to see my beloved buddy Kate and attend a wedding in Cape Paterson the next day.

We took a walk along the beach and were treated to quite a sunset. Can you believe this is Victoria in April?!


As you can imagine we were famished at this point so we went for tapas at a place called Vela 9. I was impressed that somewhere regional can put on such delicious fare. But then I remembered Inverloch is less than two hours from Melbourne, not 7 hours inland from Perth on the edge of nowhere.

vela 9

Top left: artichoke fritters with pepper salsa and garlic aioli, kofta with beetroot aioli
Top right: white bean puree with goats cheese and kalamata olives (my favourite)
Bottom left & right: chocolate fondant with mint ice cream and pistachios.


The next day was the wedding of two of my oldest and dearest we’re-from-Melbourne-but-live-in-Kalgoorlie friends. The day, the weather, the food, the people were all perfect. I felt very honoured to be a guest.

And that concludes my series on what I ate in Melbourne. Impressive yes? The posts over this weekend have been scheduled because I am currently eating my way around Perth! Yay!

Have you been to any great restaurants lately? Lemme know in the comments.

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