Eating my way around Melbourne – Part 3


On Thursday I had a hankering for Mexican. We had planned to go to a place I’ve never been called Senorita, but for some reason it is only open for lunch on Fridays. So we returned to old faithful Mamasita, which is an exceedingly frustrating place to go for dinner (they are one of the many ‘no bookings’ restaurants in Melbourne, if you see a line of hungry looking people at the top of Collins street blame Mamasita) but a very easy choice for lunch.


We started with tortilla chips with salsa a guacamole.


mamasita 1

Then I had two soft shell tacos, one with marinated prawns, red chilli and chipotle almond salsa and one with Al Pastor style pork, pineapple, white onion and coriander.

We shared a braised lamb, queso criollo, mint and jalapeno herb sauce quesadilla (AMAZING).

That night Tarn, Sian, Claire and I ate at home before heading out in Carlton and then in the city. I note that smoke machines seem to have made a comeback. I’m sure I haven’t seen one since Metro Underage circa 2004. Turns out The Toff is trashbag central on Thursday night, so we fitted in perfectly. I was home by a respectable 2am and awoke the next morning ready for more eating…

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2 Responses to Eating my way around Melbourne – Part 3

  1. I ate at Mamasita last weekend too! We went for a very early dinner so were just ahead of the queue – although not by much! Such delicious food though!

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