Retro lawn party

Thank God (quite literally) that this is a short week. My Mondayitis is particularly acute this morning because I had a humdinger of a weekend.

It started on Friday night with a joint 30th Retro Lawn Party at the Hannans Club. Carly and Paula are co-owners (along with Tina) of Fossick Handmade, so if anyone was going to have an amazingly styled and executed party, it’s these two talented lasses. Let’s start with what I believe to be the single most important aspect of any party; the photo booth:


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Everyone loves a photo booth. Have one at your wedding/party/bar mitzvah. It will ensure your event is an unmitigated success.

I wore a dress from Dangerfield that I bought on New Years Eve and had earmarked for the Esperance Cup. Much more appropriate for this occasion though. The dress code called for ’40s-60s inspired after five wear (no hippies!)’. Excellent.

The food was just incredible. So spot on with the theme I expected a trip to the kitchen would have revealed that Betty Draper was behind it all. Think devilled eggs, prawn cocktail, and one of these cubed cheese, gherkin, cocktail onion porcupine delights;



I had heaps of these smoked salmon mousse cucumber things.



The two lovely birthday girls.


Some beady eyed lawn flamingos.


Photo booth fun.


How is this fancy jelly even possible?!


Paula and her delightful lady mo.


And a final self indulgent photo of myself.


I wish I had taken photos of the bunting! So much bunting. Also there were round tables on the lawn with people nibbling on dainty canapes and sipping champagne, dapper lads playing a spot of croquet, a killer playlist and a chocolate fountain.

Happy birthday ladies! Thanks for having me.

The rest of the weekend I attended a ball AND made the cauliflower, broccoli and cheese pie. As my housemate Bec would say “killlling iiiiit’!


How was your weekend?

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4 Responses to Retro lawn party

  1. frenchadele says:

    Me wants some of that cake! Thanks for the review & photos, Bec, I was there in spizza!

  2. jarrahjungle says:

    Looks like a fun party I love a good dress up! Im embarrased to admit my Mum still makes those orange tooth pick holders .. only for special occasions though 🙂 So very retro!

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