Tales of the 99 cent watermelon

Whenever Bec and I walk into the supermarket together she loses it over the watermelons. Unfortunately our tiny fridge will not accommodate such a beast. Sometimes she will carry a watermelon around for a while before conceding defeat and returning it to the fruit section (cue ‘I carried a watermelon‘ references). On Saturday the watermelons were 99 cents, so we bought one to make drinks out of. I made my first vodka watermelon last year, it was delicious but I stupidly removed all the innards, blended them and then put them back in. What a waste of time!

I was certain we could just hack off the top and stick the hand-held blender in and low and behold, it works.


Serious business.

Just be careful not to gouge out the sides, no one likes a leaky watermelon.


Plunge away.


Mmmm foamy.


You can add whatever you like; vodka, champagne, lemonade, lime, mint, whatever floats your boat. We had pink lemon vodka, ice and lemonade. Tastes like summer.

(Update: it’s 11:28pm, i’ve been at work for almost 6 hours, 2 more to go… I’m starting to flatline a bit. Time for coffee!)

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4 Responses to Tales of the 99 cent watermelon

  1. frenchadele says:

    Nigella would be so proud.

  2. IRENA & dots says:

    Such a nice idea – can’t wait for summer to come 🙂

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