Friday Fast Facts

Welcome to Friday Fast Facts.

Fact: I have moved house and have not had the Internet connected yet, therefore I am blogging from my iPhone. Dangerous.
Fact: I have done 7 hours of exercise this week, 4 in the gym, 3 outside. I am in so much pain I can barely move. I blame the star chart I’ve started with two friends. For every exercise session completed we get a star. So juvenile but it works. Those stars are like crack.
Fact: rehearsals have started this week for the Goldfields Repertory Club (we did Chicago earlier this year, if you recall) Christmas Show, which is a pantomime of sorts. This year is a modern take on Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and I am Snow White! So much fun. Need to get more pale.
Fact: I am off to Brisbane on Sunday for a week for work. Send me your restaurant recommendations please. I get back at 6:30pm on the night of a Halloween party I’m co-hosting, so I’m hoping the aviation gods will be good to me (no delays!). I am spending tomorrow hanging up fake cobwebs and fairy lights.
Fact: my lovely friend Leticia bought me a neon PVC satchel. Just because. Obviously I love it. She’s a dime. Her daughter Aurora is 20 months old and calls me ‘Betty’. Swoon.


That’s all from me. How’s your weekend shaping up? Are you doing anything for Halloween?

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2 Responses to Friday Fast Facts

  1. allthingsfabulousblog says:

    Sounds like you are very busy and having lots of fun lovely. And I LOVE that bag!! Have a great weekend 🙂

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