The Angelica Blick low bun

I love Angelica Blick. The girl can’t put a foot wrong sartorially AND she’s two years younger than me. Ouch. And to add to the ways in which I am inferior to Angelica, here is me attempting to emulate her hair:

So. Messy.

I’m beginning to think perfection is something only reserved for the Swedish.

(Ps. A few people have asked about my bun, I created it using the bun sponge thingy in this post, it was 99 cents- get one!)

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7 Responses to The Angelica Blick low bun

  1. Noo.. I love your take on it. My hair is thin and this style just doesn’t work 😦

  2. She's Sonic says:

    I am a messy hair aficionado – I think it has more character, looks sexier and is more fun. Your bun rocks my donut off!! x

  3. anita says:

    haha, know what you mean… nothing can be like her. anyway…yours good

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