An entirely thrifted outfit*

*Except for the shoes.

Despite the amount of second-hand shopping I do, I’ve never been able to buy shoes. I put this down to my disappointingly large shoe size. I bought this jacket from the Salvos Store yesterday. Quite often I get dressed and realise everything but my shoes (and underwear) used to belong to a stranger.

This happened today.

Are you a second-hand shopper?

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10 Responses to An entirely thrifted outfit*

  1. Zoe says:

    Cool outfit!

    I need to ask, did you do your ombre hair yourself or you went to the hairdresser? If done yourself, which technic did you use please?

    • Bec says:

      Hi Zoe,
      I had my ombre done by a hairdresser. She used her hands to rub the dye into the ends of my hair in and up-down motion (so that the colour is lightest at the ends and then gradually gets darker).
      Beware of hairdressers that don’t know the proper ombre technique! Foils should never be used for ombre (one hairdresser did this to me and it looked terrible!)
      Good luck 🙂

  2. How do you find such beautiful things in thrift stores? I love thrift store shopping but all I tend to find is scraggy t-shirts…

  3. Vala says:

    yes I am! I’m at work today in everything thrifted except shoes and tights (so skirt, belt, shirt, necklace, rings..) I love when that happens, I always think about where my clothes were before I got them 🙂

    And I agree with the shoes, even though I have an average sized foot, it doesn’t matter – I never seem to find shoes at thrift stores.

    • Bec says:

      Oh you are the thrifting Queen Vala! You have some amazing pieces, one of my favourites being the hot pink dress you wore to Japanese (and then to the palace party) one night in Vienna. I love to make up stories about the people who had my clothes before me, give them names, lives etc (I swear I’m not crazy!) x

  4. jimmilou says:

    I was always jealous of people that made great finds in thrift stores but whilst in Melbourne a few weeks ago I actually picked up a few things, I was so proud of myself haha!

  5. Coralie says:

    I like thrift store shopping although there are pieces I still haven’t found like skirts or trousers, and I couldn’t buy second-hand shoes, I don’t know, it’s not like I could wash them like clothes and feet are a bit.. personal? I wouldn’t like to have mine in other’s shoes!
    Anyway my last finds are a cute granny leather bag and a pair of 80’s sunnies in Brussels, which seems to be a great city to shop vintage stuff! I’m wearing them both today for the Vogue fashion night out in Paris : ) xxx

    • Bec says:

      Oh Europe is so great for second hand clothing!! The markets! You are so chic, I wish I worked in fashion in Paris. I will have to visit you one day and get a glimpse of what it’s like xx

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