What can you buy for $10?

Lunch? Vogue? Take a taxi 100 metres? For $10 I bought a denim dress from Kmart which I feel will become a vital addition to my suitcase when I hit up European spring (in about a month). It can be worn multiple ways and I won’t cry if I have to throw it out to make room for new purchases.

What can’t you wear a trench coat with?

Or a leather jacket for that matter?

Sparkles. Enough said.

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8 Responses to What can you buy for $10?

  1. Raluca says:

    What will you be doing in Europe Bec??

  2. shessonic says:

    Love that you are a bargain hunter + that you’ve styled it so fabulously in 3 different looks!! Great post doll. xx

  3. jimmilou says:

    Ooh I saw this but ended up coming out with an armful of other bargains! Just came across your blog btw, so glad to see there is another blogger in this town!

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