Girl Crush: Miroslava Duma

I know I’m late to this party (as with most parties). But I love her. And true love lasts a lifetime. One time editor of Harpers Bazaar Russia, Miro makes me want to lop off my hair and wear neon ball gowns. I could pull it off. Maybe.

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5 Responses to Girl Crush: Miroslava Duma

  1. I love how she suits everything!!! What a style icon!

  2. S says:

    She is such a babe…. that is the only word I can think of hahaha

    xx S

  3. philamoses says:

    would she have a prepared response to ‘tone it down miss’?

  4. Carmel Boyd says:

    Amazing!!!! And you certainly could pull off a neon ball gown!

  5. Anastasia says:

    nice pics I also posted about neon outfit in my blog so if you don’t mind please check my blog out:)

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