DIY Metal Belt

I love this. A Pair & A Spare taught me how to do it.

You will need a sheet of aluminium flashing (found in the roof section of your hardware store), a hammer, scissors and some wire, rope or thick string.
1 Fold over the sharp edge and flatten with a hammer
2 Cut to desired thickness, plus a little extra for folding (this will ruin your scissors)
3 Fold and flatten with a hammer
4 Fold along the short edges and secure with adjustable wire

Click here for more detailed instructions

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4 Responses to DIY Metal Belt

  1. Maebe says:

    oh this is too cool! must give this ago! you sure are an inspiration for me to get off my lazy bum!

    oh and you look soooo happy in these photos! really encapsulates the feeling of accomplishment gotten when finishing a creation 😀

  2. Babes you are amazing! Loving this idea! 🙂 xxx

  3. PJ says:

    Wow. This is amazing and so creative!

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