Travel Tuesdays: Turkey

This time last year (possibly the most overused phrase on this blog) I was in Turkey with two special ladies and some gentlemen we found along the way. We spent New Years Eve on the hostel rooftop in Istanbul followed by a few non-descript Turkish night clubs followed by a three course meal on the way home (a kebab, chips and a Toblerone) and a lost blazer (see before and after pics below).

We flew to Goreme in central Turkey a few days later and traipsed the well-worn tourist trail; horse riding, cave exploring and hot air-ballooning, which sounds trite but was amazing. I will definitely go back to Turkey, hopefully in summer to explore the beaches.

New Years Eve;

New Years Day;

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3 Responses to Travel Tuesdays: Turkey

  1. Valgerður says:

    amazing photo of the air balloons!

  2. A nice trip as I can from the pictures.. 🙂
    It is really happy having the holiday with friends and family ..

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