Karl Lagerfeld’s Paris-Bombay Collection for Chanel

Regular readers and friends would know I never do posts containing a whole bunch of other people’s fashion photography. I find it wildly unoriginal and lazy and I don’t know how people constantly get away with it…

Anyway, when I saw these photos of Karl Lagerfeld’s Paris-Bombay collection for Chanel I couldn’t help but want to share them. Presented at the Grand Palais in Paris last week at a high tea fit for a Maharaja, the collection features sari-wrap dresses, nehru jackets (think Punjab- Daddy Warbucks’ Indian right-hand man in Annie), turbans and pearl collar necklaces.

 I love every piece in this embellished India-inspired collection and would gladly submit my body to a series of invasive medical and scientific clinical trials to be able to afford just one piece. Or even just the Chanel train.

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2 Responses to Karl Lagerfeld’s Paris-Bombay Collection for Chanel

  1. S. says:

    Why is posting other people’s photography unoriginal and lazy? It’s all about the comment that you give. It’s clearly that you’re here the one that’s is unoriginal because if you did want it you could make this blogmessage a lot more original by criticize this fashionshow really or by giving real comments.

    • Rebecca says:

      Hi S. I put a real emphasis on posting original content. So often I see blogs copy and paste photos to post that have no relevance to each other and no comment at the bottom except for something like ‘Loving!’ or ‘Amazing’. I think you’re right; it’s all about the comment. I had nothing profound to say about these picture, except that I really liked them! A post which is both unoriginal and lazy 😉

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