Do we ever get used to change? I’ve had 23 years of it and yet as I stare down the barrel of one of my biggest changes to date I can’t seem to shake that niggly, anxious feeling. Like i’d rather a year under my bed covers with Mum bringing me toast than said change.
Under ‘normal circumstances’ I would never say I disliked change. Disliking change was reserved for those loser Gen X-ers still living at home.
But now that I think about it, I haven’t reacted particularly positively to changes recently. Example: I ignored my Dad for 2 months last year when he emailed me in New York to say he was moving out of our house (I was in New York, why did I care?!).
So I’m trying to figure out ways to better embrace change, particularly positive ones like the current. Perhaps I should forget the idea of ‘normal circumstances’ accept life as consistently transient (which it is!). Easier said than done.


Any tips?

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1 Response to Change

  1. Adrienne says:

    Girl. i am right there with you. change is so scary. you never know whats gonna happen! but we have to go and change. we’ll move to europe and try to make our fortunes 🙂

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