Cookies & Catch Ups

My friend Kate invited me over recently for a catch up and baking session?! I was apprehensive, don’t think I have to re-admit my fear and loathing of food preparation. Anyway,  it was hugely successful. Sure I did the old whiney “Kaaaate, I’m not doing it riiiight” routine whilst doing simple things like sifting flour and stirring the batter. But it all worked out in the end, look at those perfect cookies! Maybe I’ll bake again some day. They were delicious. Thanks to Donna Hay. And Kate.

Ps.Random fact: Mageirocophobia is the intense fear of having to cook

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4 Responses to Cookies & Catch Ups

  1. Margaret says:

    Hay girl. stumbled across your blog. looove it!

    ps those cookies look 100% delish!

  2. Tribe of Mannequins Creator says:

    Banana instead of eggs, and use vegetable oil dairy-free butter = instant animal free!

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